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Stock the Fridge!

Stock your bar and fridge! 

The following is a list of a few of the products we offer for delivery to your vacation home.  If there is something you would like that isn’t on the list, just let us know and we’ll do the best we can. If you have other suggestions that will help us to serve you better, please let us know.

Please specify quantities:      


____ Watermelon       


_____Granny Smith Apples

_____Red Apples







____ Kiwi

_____Red Lettuce

_____Romaine Lettuce




_____Cherry Tomatoes



_____Red Peppers

_____Jalapeno Peppers

_____Sweet Corn (in season)


_____Mini Potatoes


_____White Onions

_____Red Onions

_____Green Onions




_____Baby Carrots




_____Green Beans

_____White Bread

_____Multigrain Bread


_____english muffins

_____Flour tortillas

_____Whole wheat tortillas

_____Corn tortillas



____Honey mustard


____Jar of tomato sauce

____Peanut Butter      





_____Roast Beef                     

_____Sliced Ham         

_____Sliced Chicken    

_____Sliced Turkey                  

 _____Chicken Thighs  

_____ Whole Chicken   

_____ Boneless Chicken Breast

_____ Jumbo Shrimp   

____ Tuna                              

_____ Mahi Mahi (Dorado)           

_____ Filet Mignon

_____ Rib Eye Steak

_____ Ground Beef

_____ Pork Ribs per Kilo (2.2 lbs)

_____ Boneless Pork Loin

_____ Fresh Pork Chops

_____ Gouda

_____Cheddar Cheese

_____Sharp Cheddar

_____Baby Swiss


_____Feta Cheese

_____Parmesan Cheese


____Cream Cheese

_____Sour Cream


____1% milk

_____2%  milk

_____soy milk


____ Eggs (how many?)

_____fresh basil

_____fresh arugula

_____fresh spinach

_____fresh rosemary


_____garlic powder

_____onion powder

_____Pasta (specify)





____ sugar




_____Olive Oil

_____Extra Virgin Olive Oil



_____Guacamole mix

_____taco mix

____Orange Juice

_____Pineapple Juice

_____Mango Juice

_____Cranberry Juice

_____Apple Juice

_____Mixed Fruit Juice

_____Clamato Juice           

_____Tomato Juice

_____V-8 Juice

____Soft drinks/soda 

Bottled Water:

______6 liter jugs

_____individual bottles

_____Plastic plates

_____plastic cups

_____Plastic utensils

____Saran Wrap

_____Tin Foil   


_____Ziploc Bags

_____Potato Chips



_____Nacho Chips

_____Salsa Dip




_____Mixed Nuts


_____microwave popcorn

_____plantain chips

_____Yucca chips

_____crackers (all kinds)

_____cereal (specify brand)


_____Bug spray

Meals from Martha!

Meals from Martha is optional and not included in the rental rate.  Please contact Jennifer Little to coordinate the cooking services and receiving Martha's menu options.

Tipping Martha is highly recommended as this is an additional service offered beyond her daily cleaning services.

Your Third Service

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